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Whether you’re shopping on the high street, strolling lively street markets, or admiring renowned modern art, experience London like a local: on foot!
  • Walk through the city’s coolest neighborhoods like Shoreditch, Chelsea, Marylebone, and more, with color-coded stops and turn-by-turn directions
  • Find your scene with top ten lists of the best restaurants, nightlife, markets, museums, and more
  • Get to know the real London on six customizable walks: Find funky vintage treasures in Shoreditch or treat yourself at an upscale department store like Harrods. Make your way to the Tate Modern and other world-famous art galleries, take in London’s history at Westminster Abbey, and watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Take a leisurely stroll through Regent’s Park, enjoy afternoon tea at a stylish hotel, or grab a pint and some fish and chips before heading to the theatre. Sip craft cocktails in an old train station, discover the hippest new gastropub, or watch the sun set over the city from a chic rooftop bar
  • Escape the crowds at locally-loved spots and under-the-radar favorites
  • Explore on the go with foldout maps of each walking route and a removable full-city map, all in a handy guide that fits in your pocket
With creative routes, public transit options, and a full-city map, you can experience London at your own pace without missing a beat.

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Step off the plane and head right for the newest, hippest café in town. Discover where to get the best fish and chips in the city or where to find locally brewed beer on tap. In Moon London Walks, local authors share with you genuine highlights of the city they love. This way, you can skip the busy shopping streets and stroll through the city at your own pace, taking in a local attraction on your way to the latest and greatest shops. Savor every second and make your city trip a true feel-good experience.


You’re about to discover London, one of our favorite cities. The charming neighborhoods, amazing museums, and fabulous galleries are inspiring, and we love all of the shopping possibilities—from big, beautiful department stores to small, independent boutiques. Booking a table at the restaurant of a celebrity chef or cookbook author is pretty cool, too, not to mention the city’s many great markets, view from the London Eye, old-school boat rides over the Thames, and all the trendy cocktail bars mixing up perfect gin and tonics. Winter, spring, summer, and fall—London buzzes year-round.


In this book, local authors share with you the genuine highlights of the city they love. Discover the city by foot and at your own pace, so you can relax and experience the local lifestyle without having to do a lot of preparation beforehand. That means more time for you—what we call “time to momo.” Our walks take you past our favorite restaurants, cafés, museums, galleries, shops, and other notable attractions—places we ourselves like to go.

None of the places mentioned here have paid to appear in either the text or the photos, and all text has been written by an independent editorial staff. This is true for the places in this book as well as for the information in the time to momo app and all the latest tips, themed walks, neighborhood information, blogs, and the selection of best hotels on


The six walks in this book allow you to discover the best neighborhoods in the city by foot and at your own pace. The walks will take you past museums and notable attractions but, more importantly, they’ll show you where to go for great food and drinks, shopping, entertainment, and an overall good time. Check out the map at the front of this book to see which areas of the city the walks will take you through.

Each route is clearly indicated on a detailed map at the beginning of the relevant chapter. The map also specifies where each listing is located. The color of the number tells you what type of venue it is (see the key at the bottom of this page). A description of each place is given later in the chapter.

Without taking into consideration extended stops at various locations, each walk will take a maximum of three hours. The approximate distance is indicated at the top of the page, before the directions.


We give an idea of how much you can expect to spend at each location along with its address and contact details. Unless otherwise stated, the amount given in restaurant listings is the average price of a main course. For sights and attractions, we indicate the cost of a regular full-price ticket. Any reduced rates that may be available are not listed.


Most stores in London are open seven days a week, usually from 10am until 8pm with shorter hours on Sunday. There are exceptions, of course, so always make sure to check the opening hours at your destination before you head out. On public holidays, or “bank holidays” as they are called in England, most stores remain open and public transportation still runs, but expect shorter Sunday hours.

Restaurants often automatically add a 10 to 15 percent gratuity to your bill. Although leaving a tip isn’t required, it is customary—but double-check your bill to be sure that you don’t end up tipping twice. If no gratuity has been added to your check, it’s expected that you’ll leave about a 10 percent tip.

London has strict smoking laws. Smoking is banned in enclosed public spaces, including hotels, bars, restaurants, theaters, and on public transportation.

Whenever possible, book tickets for the train and any sights and attractions in advance. Online prices are often significantly lower than what you’ll pay at the door.


A typical English breakfast is the “full English” or “fry-up,” and consists of fried eggs, bacon, toast, and baked beans.

In London, as in the rest of England, a relatively elaborate Sunday lunch is a well-established tradition. Known as a Sunday roast, this meal includes meat, potatoes, vegetables, and Yorkshire pudding.

Another great tradition is, of course, afternoon tea, which is not to be confused with high tea. Afternoon tea takes place around 4pm and consists of a combination of sweet and savory bites along with a cup of tea. High tea, on the other hand, is essentially a simple evening meal.

Londoners drink their fair share of tea—preferably strong black tea with a splash of milk. This popular drink is known here as “builder’s tea.”


Public holidays are referred to as “bank holidays” in the UK because banks are closed on these days. Many of these bank holidays are on Mondays. In addition to days like Good Friday and Easter Monday, which don’t fall on a specific date, the following are official holidays in the UK:

January 1 > New Year’s Day

First Monday in May > Early May Bank Holiday

Last Monday in May > Spring Bank Holiday

Last Monday in August > Summer Bank Holiday

December 25 > Christmas Day

December 26 > Boxing Day


We’ve put a lot of care into this guidebook. Yet shops and restaurants in London come and go fairly regularly. We do our best to keep the walks and contact details as up to date as possible, and this is reflected in our digital products. We update the print edition as often as possible. However, if, despite our best efforts, there is a place that you can’t find or if you have any other comments or tips about this book, please email, or leave a message at


The train or bus will get you downtown within 45 minutes from any of London’s five airports. Expect to pay about £15 each way for the train, and about £10 for the bus. A taxi will set you back at least £55. Train information is available at From Heathrow and London City Airports you can take the subway, referred to locally as “the Underground” or “the Tube,” into the city for about £4.50.

If you’re traveling by Eurostar via the Channel Tunnel, you’ll arrive at St. Pancras International railway station. From here you can easily take the Tube or bus to any corner of the city.

Once in central London, the fastest way to get around is with the Underground. Buy an Oyster card for £10 and save on subway, bus, and certain train tickets. The average fare for a Tube ride, for example, costs £4.80 without an Oyster card but just £2.30 with one. You can purchase a prepaid Oyster card online and at most stations. The card is easy to use; just swipe it whenever you enter or leave a station. For more information, check out A map of the London Underground is available in the back of this book.

The bus is a great way to see the city. A ride to or from central London costs £1.50 with an Oyster card. The destination is clearly indicated on the front of every bus, together with some of the stops along the way. London also has an extensive network of night buses. See for more details.

Thanks to the open double-decker tour buses, it’s even possible to see a good deal of London’s most notable attractions in a couple of hours in one easy loop. Various companies run tours leaving from Victoria, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly, and other popular tourist destinations, but the Original Tour is a good option. Tickets cost £27 online, and there are plenty of hop-on, hop-off stops to choose from. See

Taxis, or “black cabs” as they are called in London, are easy to hail by sticking out your hand. A taxi is available when the top light is on. Taxis offer an affordable way to travel when you’re with three or more people and aren’t traveling far. Minicabs, or private taxis, are cheaper but aren’t always as reliable. You can’t just hail a minicab on the street—they need to be booked in advance—and if one randomly stops and offers its services, you’d do best not to take it. Use whatever company your hotel uses instead. Prices should be agreed on beforehand.

You can also get around quickly in London by boat. There are many options for water travel, from speedy line services to slow leisure cruises. Find out more at and for high-speed boats.


Despite the heavy left-hand traffic and the lack of bike lanes, biking is becoming increasingly more popular in London. This is thanks in part to former mayor Boris Johnson, who used to cycle to work himself, launched the city’s bike-share system, Santander Cycles, and oversaw the creation of multiple-cycle super-highways. Be sure to stay alert while riding because cars and buses don’t always look out for bikers, either because they’re not used to them or simply out of frustration, and Londoners often tend to ride fast and sometimes carelessly. Helmets are not required but are recommended. Also note that, unlike in other parts of Europe, it’s uncommon to park your bike on the side of the road in London.

Renting a bike in London can be great fun. Walks 5 and 6 through Marylebone, Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill, and Knightsbridge & Chelsea are particularly well suited for cycling. Rent a Santander Cycle, locally referred to as a “Boris bike.” These bikes are available across the city and are easy to rent from a docking station using a credit card. Rates start at £2 per day. The first half hour is free, and each additional half hour costs £2. Visit for more information and nice bike routes.


1   Start the day with breakfast at Plum + Spilt Milk. > click here

2   Check out interactive exhibits at the Science Museum. > click here

3   Take a walk, ride a bike, fly a kite, or have a picnic in Regent’s Park. > click here

4   Rise above the city in the London Eye and admire the view. > click here

5   See the gorillas and other animals at the London Zoo. > click here

6   Visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace. > click here

7   Enjoy afternoon tea at The Berkeley hotel.> click here

8   Order fish and chips in The Old Red Cow pub. > click here

9   Bask in the botanical splendor at Kew Gardens. > click here

10 Shop at Liberty, one of London’s best-loved department stores. > click here


1   Enjoy a Mediterranean meal at Ottolenghi. > click here

2   Order a traditional Sunday roast at Roast. > click here

3   Choose between surf and turf at Burger & Lobster. > click here

4   Head to Bumpkin for classic British fare. > click here

5   Manna is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city. > click here

6   Discover Peruvian cuisine at Andina. > click here

7   Veggies take center stage at Grain Store. > click here

8   Momo serves up delicious North African dishes in a lively atmosphere. > click here

9   Dine in style at the upscale Mews of Mayfair. > click here

10   Go to KIN for affordable Asian food. > click here


1   Marvel at burlesque and cabaret at House of Burlesque. > 27 Old Gloucester Street

2   Mingle with Dalston hipsters at Cafe OTO. > 18-22 Ashwin Street

3   Drink in a former train station at Oslo. > 1a Armhurst Road

4   Union Chapel is an amazing music venue. > Compton Terrace

5   Cocktails at former air raid shelter Cahoots. > 13 Kingly Court

6   Queen of Hoxton is a bar, club, and art gallery. > 1-5 Curtain Road

7   Head to Bounce for ping-pong, food, and drinks. > 121 Holborn

8   Something different every night at 93 Feet East. > 150 Brick Lane

9   Drink in style at Happiness Forgets. > 8-9 Hoxton Square

10 Proud Camden is a club located in a former horse hospital. > Camden Market


1   Enjoy the vibe and tasty snacks at Borough Market. > click here

2   Vintage pieces and great food at Sunday Upmarket. > click here

3   Shop for antiques at Alfies Antique Market. > click here

4   Bustling and colorful Columbia Road Flower Market. > click here

5   Check out the famous Portobello Road Market.


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