Moon Oaxaca


By Cody Copeland

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With rugged mountain ranges and stunning Pacific coastline, savory mole and smoky mezcal, Oaxaca is more than just a stop along the way: it’s an adventure in itself. Stay a while with Moon Oaxaca. Inside you’ll find:
  • Strategic itineraries for backpackers, foodies, ecotourists, and more, whether you’re spending ten days or just a weekend in Oaxaca
  • The top activities and unique experiences: Spend a day strolling Oaxaca City’s cobblestone streets and stopping in trendy cafes, mezcal shops, artisan cooperatives, and art galleries. Tour the Zapotec ruins of Monte Albán, trek the mountain paths of the Sierra Norte, or surf the world-class swells off Oaxaca’s coast. Revel in the blur of parades, fireworks, and friendly locals inviting you to view their ofrendas (altars) during Oaxaca’s legendary Day of the Dead celebration
  • The best local flavors: Indulge in steamy pozole from a street stand, try traditional mole negro, or snack on fried grasshoppers. Visit a mezcal distillery to sample the smoky spirit and explore the fields of spiky agave, or satisfy your sweet tooth with a frothy espuma
  • Local insight: Mexico City writer and former Oaxaca dweller Cody Copeland shares what inspires him about the region
  • Full-color photos and detailed maps throughout
  • Helpful background on the landscape, culture, history, and environment, plus tips on health and safety, how to get around, and a handy Spanish phrasebook
With Moon’s practical tips and local insight, you can experience the best of Oaxaca.

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May 26, 2020
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Moon Travel

Cody Copeland

About the Author

For Cody Copeland, Oaxaca had always seemed elusive. After traveling to many other parts of Mexico, from Mazatlán to Cancún, Monterrey to Mexico City, he was told everywhere he went that he needed to see Oaxaca.

In 2010, Cody began teaching English at a public university in a tiny desert town about two hours south of Oaxaca City and was finally able to discover this magic for himself. He spent a year and a half in Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, and it didn’t take long for him to realize that he had found Mexico’s best-kept secret. He took advantage of every opportunity available to get to know the place and its people, from donning colorful costumes for holiday parades to sharing traditional meals with locals in their homes.

Cody is a writer of essays, travel guides, and poems. His work has appeared in Lapham’s Quarterly, The Texas Observer, The Río Grande Review, and Mexico City Lit, among others. He has lived and worked in Mexico for over six years and currently resides in Mexico City.

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