Build a Self-Care Gift Basket

From forest bathing to outdoor meditation, we’re all starting to recognize the importance of taking a minute to unplug from our daily lives. There’s a unique serenity to be found in nature. Use these ideas to build a self-care gift basket for either yourself or a loved one this holiday season.

A Bit of Inspiration

Give the gift of travel inspiration with Moon Travel Guides, your travel companion since 1973. Might we interest you in the ultimate book series for adventurers?

Activity On-the-Go

rolled up purple yoga mat

This ultra-light yoga mat is perfect for the yogi that likes to take their practice outdoors. It comes in 6 different colors and is sustainably made with natural tree rubber—and the best part? With Yogo’s Food Trees for Poverty program, the company donates a food-bearing tree for every mat sold.

An Insulated Lunch Box

Monbento lunch boxes promise to keep your meal hot (or cold!) for up to ten hours—proving that there’s nothing better than bringing lunch to the office.

A Mindfulness Reminder

wanderlust journal with travel guide

Journaling is one of the best forms of self-care, offering an opportunity for reflection, memory building, and creative expression.

Our favorite travel journal is the Wanderlust Passport from Bobo Design Studio. Part scrapbook and part journal, this delightful book has helpful prompts to aide with chronicling adventures and plenty of blank space to write, draw, and include travel photos.

A Sensory Treat

The Parks Project has donated $2.6 million to conservation projects in our national parks. This soothing candle’s scent is inspired by the Rocky Mountains and subalpine lavender. A perfect addition to a meditation practice!

Calmer Mornings

Start your days on a more peaceful note with this sunrise simulation alarm clock by Loftie, featuring music, meditations, and bedtime stories, playable right from any smartphone device. The two-phase alarm that mimics your body’s natural waking process includes refreshingly non-alarming alarm sounds. Ahh…

Treat Their Feet

Glerups slippers are made with Gotland wool from Denmark and crossbred white wool from New Zealand, all of which live up to the highest standards for quality and animal welfare. 100% pure natural wool, plus a shoe that molds to the contours of your feet! What else will you need going to the mailbox or doing dishes at home?

Skin-Deep Care

Taking care of your inner self also means taking care of your outer self—and protecting your skin while outside is top priority! Not only is Babo’s zinc sunscreen good for you, it’s also good for the planet: the sulfate-, paraben-, basically-everything-free formula is totally ocean-safe.

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