Experience Morocco: Top 10 Things to Do

You’re unlikely to find yourself lacking in things to do on a trip to Morocco; from the desert to the medina, this gorgeous country is packed with culture, tradition, and adventure. For tips on where to get started, consider these top 10 Morocco experiences.

man pouring tea in the Moroccan desert
Moroccans know how to treat a guest! Photo © Lucas Peters.

Enjoy the Warm Hospitality

Moroccan hospitality is famed worldwide, and for good reason. The art of hosting a guest, seeing to their every need, and going above and beyond their expectations, is something of a tradition in Morocco. To experience the best in Moroccan hospitality, it’s not necessary to book 4-star luxury accommodations. For the most part, you can have this experience in just about any lodging you choose, though the further out of the big cities and into the countryside you find yourself, the warmer the home fires seem to burn.

Sip Mint Tea

It’s safe to say that by the time you leave Morocco, you will have had enough sweet mint tea to last a lifetime. It’s a part of nearly every greeting and every meal, taken at breakfast and sometimes with an afternoon snack. This is the national beverage of Morocco, and should be sipped often and with good company. When paired with a great view, like in Café Hafa in Tangier, a simple tea can become a truly special moment.

a man works in a tannery in Morocco
Visit the Chouwara tanneries in Fez to witness a process that hasn’t changed much since the 16th century. Photo © Amina Lahbabi.

Explore the Culture and History

Humans have lived in Morocco for tens of thousands of years, and the country has truly witnessed the ebb and flow of history. From ancient Roman ruins to the crumbling kasbahs of the desert palm groves, subsequent empires have come and gone, leaving their mark on the northwestern corner of Africa. It’s hard not to be swept away by this strong current of history and culture.

Find a New Rhythm

It this is your first time in Africa, you will quickly notice the different pace of life. Inshallah (literally: “God willing”) is the unofficial motto of Morocco. Time is more relative, things move a little more slowly, and punctuality is essentially a foreign concept. It can be frustrating at first, but once you accept it, inshallah, you’ll be right at home.

medina Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakech
Evening at Jemaa el-Fnaa, where visitors can find all manner of food stands and local culture. Photo © Simon Hack/Dreamstime.

Get Lost in the Medina

The medinas of Marrakesh, Fez, Tangier and even Meknes are infamous for their incomprehensibility. Embrace it. Get lost. It’s all part of the fun and part of the experience.

Wake to the Call of the Muezzin

The muezzin calls for the faithful to join for prayer 5 times a day, and the earliest call happens before sunrise. Undoubtedly, you will wake to this at least once on your vacation, particularly in Fez where there are hundreds of muezzins calling out. It’s a first for many travelers, and is a surprisingly sweet, tender experience.

hand painted pottery on display at a Moroccan market
Head to the souks to haggle over a rug or pottery. Photo © Lucas Peters.

Haggle in the Souks

The markets (souks) of Morocco are infamous for their hard-nosed bartering and opaque pricing structure. People are always afraid they’re getting ripped off. Even the locals! So dive in, put on your serious face, and get to haggling for that handwoven carpet or unique Fassi pottery.

Relax in a Moroccan Hammam

The Moroccan hammam (spa) is an experience in full-body pampering. With a hot steam room, full-body exfoliation, and massage with essential oils, it’s no wonder this is at the top of just about everyone’s bucket list.

Chill on the Beach

The Atlantic beaches of southern Morocco are best enjoyed with good company and a warm sunset. Explore the beaches south of Agadir for the absolute best in year-round beach-going.

a path lined with lamps next to a desert tent in Morocco
Desert accommodations. Photo © Lucas Peters.

Spend One Night in the Desert

Arguably, no trip to Morocco is complete without spending at least one night in the desert. While Merzouga offers the easiest trips out into the large dune formations of the Sahara, the dunes outside of M’hamid should not be neglected. They are more remote, but the payoff for travelers willing to trek the extra mile is priceless.

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