Morocco’s Best Beaches

Discover the tranquility of Morocco’s Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches, great for surfers, swimmers, and sunbathers alike. Windsurf in Essaouira, snag a wave in Agadir, and find yourself secluded in the aptly named Paradise Beach in Asilah. For calmer beaches, visit in September, just after the August crowds have subsided and while the water is still at its warmest.


The beach features one of the most pleasant corniche walks, plenty of lounge chairs, and many Europeans who flock here throughout the year for the sun and sand. Just north of Agadir is the friendly enclave of Taghazoute, where good surfing can be had October-April.

sunny day at Agadir beach in Morocco
The enclave near Taghazoute is great for surfing. Photo © Jaques8425/iStock.


Essaouira beaches are welcoming to women travelers and offer plenty of activities, including bird-watching on the Îles Purpuraires. The wind makes it popular with kitesurfers and windsurfers.


This distant beach is a favorite with Europeans looking for something a bit more out of the way. There are some water sports and deep-sea fishing possibilities, but most people come here to get away from the crowds.


The heavy winds that tear across the Sahara and through the distant Western Sahara city of Dakhla have made this beach a favorite with kitesurfers and windsurfers, with paragliding and fishing also favorite pastimes.

seafoam on the shore of Dakhla Beach in Morocco
Kitesurfers, windsurfers, and paragliders will love the beach in Dakhla. Photo © flyingrussian/iStock.


Next to Kenitra, just north of Rabat, is the friendly sunbathing Plage des Nations. With the Exotic Gardens of Sidi Bouknadel nearby, there is plenty to do for a day.


The aptly named Paradise Beach is generally deserted outside of the busy summer months, making this a romantic daytime getaway for couples looking to spend a little alone time on a beach.

waves crash on the shore of the beach in Asilah, Morocco
Head to Paradise Beach in Asilah during the off-season for a romantic escape. Photo © typhoonski/iStock.


Tangier has beaches on the Mediterranean and Atlantic. The popular beaches on the Mediterranean are good for families and small children, while the Atlantic is where the trendy go to catch some rays away from the crowds.

Cabo Negro

Just a short drive from Tetouan are the clean, warm private beaches of Cabo Negro. They’re impossibly busy during the summer months, but in early fall the crowds subside, making this a go-to destination for sun worshippers.

Plage de Torres

Hidden in the middle of Al-Hoceima National Park, the little-visited Plage de Torres is a gem along this stretch of the Mediterranean and one of the few public beaches not strewn with garbage.

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