5 Gourmet Camping Recipes (Plus One Cocktail)

Say goodbye to boring hot dogs, soggy sandwiches, and packaged oatmeal-up your camping game with these delicious and surprisingly easy gourmet camping recipes. All you need is some wanderlust, some firewood, and a good old-fashioned cast-iron skillet. Let’s get cooking!

Campfire cooking

With a full day of outdoor activity ahead of you, you’ll need a hearty breakfast. These skillet chilaquiles take advantage of cooking al fresco with fire-roasted tomatillos and jalapeños, turning some vegetables, a bag of chips, and some eggs into the perfect outdoor brunch. Just remember to pack the champagne and OJ.

This classic French sandwich gets tastier the longer it sits, so toss it together after breakfast, put it in your pack, and end your hike with a rustic lunch overlooking a beautiful vista. Plus, most of the elements can be made ahead of time, so you’ll waste no time getting on the trail.

Worked up an appetite with all that fresh air? Start up the campfire for a well-deserved feast. First up is wine-marinated steaks (pre-marinated and ready to go in their Ziploc bag) and fire-toasted flatbreads (courtesy of the miracle that is pre-made pizza dough). Minimal fuss, maximum flavor.

Follow it up with corn-chowder summer salad! You can prep most of the salad before you even arrive at your campsite, but keep the corn in its husks! You’ll want to toss them in the coals for the perfect charred flavor.

And last, but certainly not least, dessert! A campfire classic, this skillet blueberry cobbler is easy as, well, pie. Don’t forget to grab the ice cream from the cooler.

What better way to wrap up the day than sipping a little something by the fire, watching the stars come out? Indulge in some peach-infused moonshine for a potent and delicious end to a perfect day.

Cheers, bon appétit, and happy camping!

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