Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands

These free, printable travel maps of Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands are divided into eight regions:

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Travel Maps of Ecuador

Travel map of Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands
Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands


Ecuador’s capital has scenery as breathtaking as its elevation of nearly 2,850 meters. The second-highest capital in the world is also one of Latin America’s best-preserved colonial cities, with beautiful churches, plazas, and museums as well as dramatic views from the surrounding hills.

Travel map of Quito, Ecuador
Travel map of Old Town Quito, Ecuador
Old Town Quito
Travel map of New Town Quito, Ecuador
New Town Quito
Travel map of Mariscal Sucre, Ecuador
Mariscal Sucre
Travel map of Vicinity of Quito, Ecuador
Vicinity of Quito
Travel map of Mindo, Ecuador

Northern Sierra

The hills north of Quito contain much for hikers and shoppers alike. The thriving indigenous communities ply their wares in the colorful markets of Otavalo and Cotacachi, while the surrounding hills and mountains offer excellent trekking opportunities.

Travel map of Northern Sierra, Ecuador
Northern Sierra
Travel map of Otavalo, Ecuador
Travel map of Otavalo and Vicinity, Ecuador
Otavalo and Vicinity
Travel map of Ibarra, Ecuador
Travel map of Tulcán, Ecuador

Central Sierra

South of Quito, the spectacular Avenue of the Volcanoes contains eight of Ecuador’s 10 highest peaks, including Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. Just as spectacular are the shimmering turquoise waters of Lake Quilotoa and the hikes around it on the surrounding loop trail.

Travel map of Ecuador's Central Sierra
Central Sierra
Travel map of Latacunga, Ecuador
Travel map of Ambato, Ecuador
Travel map of Baños, Ecuador
Travel map of Central Riobamba, Ecuador
Central Riobamba

Southern Sierra

This region’s relative isolation makes for a delightful step back in time. The colonial center of Cuenca rivals Quito for its churches, plazas, and museums but has a pace as gentle as its people. Ingapirca is Ecuador’s best set of Inca ruins, and Cajas National Park is one of the country’s most rugged hiking spots.

Travel map of Ecuador's Southern Sierra
Southern Sierra
Travel map of Cuenca Center, Ecuador
Cuenca Center
Travel map of Loja, Ecuador
Travel map of Vilcabamba, Ecuador

The Oriente

Whether you want to canoe through flooded rainforests, hike at night to tarantula holes, go bird-watching from the top of the rainforest canopy, or stay with indigenous people, the Ecuadorian rainforest offers unforgettable experiences and is more accessible than in neighboring countries.

Travel map of The Oriente, Ecuador
The Oriente
Travel map of Lower Río Napo, Ecuador
Lower Río Napo
Travel map of Tena, Ecuador
Travel map of Tena and Upper Río Napo, Ecuador
Tena and Upper Río Napo
Travel map of Macas, Ecuador

North and Central Coasts and Lowlands

Resorts such as Atacames fill up with partyers pin high season, while surfers opt for quieter spots like Mompiche, which also has the region’s newest luxury hotel. The most popular backpacker resort is surfer hangout Canoa farther south.

Travel map of North and Central Coasts and Lowlands, Ecuador
North and Central Coasts and Lowlands
Travel map of Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador
Bahía de Caráquez
Travel map of Manta, Ecuador
Travel map of Machalilla and Vicinity, Ecuador
Machalilla and Vicinity

Guayaquil and the Southern Coast

Ecuador’s biggest city has a beautiful riverside malecón, a regenerated center, and excellent nightlife. West of the city, the gleaming high-rises and beaches of the Santa Elena Peninsula attract more affluent visitors, while backpackers and surfers head north to Montañita.

Travel map of Guayaquil and the Southern Coast, Ecuador
Guayaquil and the Southern Coast
Travel map of Guayaquil, Ecuador
Travel map of Guayaquil Center, Ecuador
Guayaquil Center

The Galápagos Islands

The unique ecosystem of the archipelago that fascinated Charles Darwin, inspiring his monumental theory of evolution, is one of the world’s natural treasures. Where else can you snorkel with sea lion pups and marine turtles, sunbathe with iguanas, or scuba dive with whale sharks?

Travel map of The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
The Galápagos Islands
Travel map of Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
Puerto Ayora
Travel map of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Ecuador
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno