These free, printable travel maps of Bermuda are divided into six regions:

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Travel Maps of Bermuda

Travel map of Bermuda

City of Hamilton and Pembroke Parish

Whether you foray into “Town” for shopping, restaurants, or nightclubs, or use the capital (since 1815) as a base from which to explore the rest of the island, the city and its environs are a logical place to start a tour of the parishes. Hamilton currently has no hotels, but Pembroke has several excellent options offering access to the city and bus and ferry terminals.

Travel map of City of Hamilton, Bermuda
City of Hamilton
Travel map of Pembroke Parish, Bermuda
Pembroke Parish

Devonshire and Paget Parishes

Deep country is found in Devonshire, with old estates, farmland, and seaside communities. Paget offers suburban attractions such as golf, tennis, and top-notch restaurants. Resorts and guesthouses abound in Paget, while colorful local eateries, churches, and nature reserves enhance Devonshire’s allure.

Travel map of Devonshire Parish, Bermuda
Devonshire Parish
Travel map of Paget Parish, Bermuda
Paget Parish

Warwick and Southampton Parishes

Beach bums beware: You might never leave the pink-sand confines of these western parishes. This is the realm of scuba, water sports, horseback riding, and snorkeling, not to mention tennis, golf, and pampering spas at several major resorts.

Travel map of Warwick Parish, Bermuda
Warwick Parish
Travel map of Southampton Parish, Bermuda
Southampton Parish

Sandys Parish

The historic military gems of the fortified Royal Naval Dockyard, including the National Museum of Bermuda, are the biggest collective magnet drawing visitors to the West End. This outer parish has a quaint, countrified character that invites gentle exploration. Somerset Village and its surroundings provide rural lanes to meander, plus shops, restaurants, and water sports. Deep-sea fishing boats are also based in this parish.

Travel map of Sandys Parish, Bermuda
Sandys Parish
Travel map of Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda
Royal Naval Dockyard
Travel map of Somerset Village, Bermuda
Somerset Village

Smith’s and Hamilton Parishes

Packed with attractions, Smith’s Parish and Hamilton Parish—the latter not to be confused with the capital city—offer plenty to see, plus pretty pathways to the East End.

Travel map of Smith's Parish, Bermuda
Smith’s Parish
Travel map of Hamilton Parish, Bermuda
Hamilton Parish
Travel map of Flatts Village, Bermuda
Flatts Village

St. George’s Parish

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 400-year-old Town of St. George and its related forts in the East End appeal to history lovers. The parish incorporates the island’s first capital, along with the airport, the island of St. David’s, and outlying regions like Ferry Point National Park. Built by English settlers, St. George’s boasts winding streets, many landmarks, a public square, and a yacht-laden waterfront.

Travel map of St. George's Parish, Bermuda
St. George’s Parish
Travel map of The Old Town of St. George, Bermuda
The Old Town of St. George