Places That Spark Our Wanderlust

In anticipation of Wanderlust: A Traveler’s Guide to the Globe, we decided to round up the places that spark our wanderlust here at Moon. From Milan to Mexico, here’s what we’ve got on our minds:


The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in central Milan.
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in central Milan. Photo © scaliger / iStock

“I’d love to visit Milan. This dynamic fashion capital is grounded in historic textile production while remaining a vibrant producer of contemporary style. Better yet, Milan is just a stone’s throw from spellbinding turquoise mountain lakes, bringing together the best of fashion and nature in one region. Who could ask for more?”

-Karin Dahl, Cartographer


“I’m dreaming of a trip to India. My father really wanted to travel there, but he never did. When I go, it’ll be like a part of him did as well. There’s a beautiful photo in Wanderlust of a woman making an offering in the Ganges that really gives form to that feeling.”

-Grace Fujimoto, VP, Acquisitions


Ecuador calls to me, from the Amazon and the Andes to the vibrant culture of Quito (and especially the Galápagos penguins).”

-Jaimee Callaway, Marketing Director


“I’d like to go to Cossé-Le-Vivien in France and see the Robert Tatin Museum. Over 21 years, he built a huge sculpture garden of wonderful and strange figures from history and mythology, creating a serene and surreal place. I saw it featured in National Geographic as a kid, and a few years later was surprised to see those photos drawn into the pages of a Marvel comic, which made it even cooler to me!”

-Scott Kimball, Production Coordinator


Santo Domingo Cathedral in Oaxaca.
Santo Domingo Cathedral in Oaxaca. Photo © Elijah-Lovkoff / iStock


“I’d love to visit Oaxaca, Mexico, and try their mole, mezcal, and visit local artisans.”

-Erika Lara, Marketing & Publicity Associate


“I get to visit a place that sparks my wanderlust very soon—Japan! I’m looking forward to the sensory overload of cities like Tokyo and Osaka, getting a glimpse of Mount Fuji, sampling Japanese whiskeys, and finding moments of quiet contemplation in the temples, shrines, and parks.”

-Claire Coburn, Marketing Associate


“I’m headed to Greece. I have family on my father’s side there I’ve never met. We planned to go together as a graduation treat. Sadly, he passed. Now I have a month to wander and I will spend time there getting to know the country and the Greek people. Perhaps I’ll get some island beach time in too.”

-Kat Bennet, Senior Cartographer


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Photo © Juan Carlos Hernández / iStock

I’ve been really intrigued by Vietnam for a long time—I’d love to explore the street food scene in Hanoi and float between the islands of Ha Long Bay.

-Clare Haugh, Senior Marketing Associate


“I want to visit Belize and see Mayan ruins, explore the Cayes, swim in the crystal-clear water, and see if I can spot an elusive jaguar.”

-Ravina Schneider, Production Designer


“I have a thing for the particular personalities of rivers. The “Along Grand Rivers” chapter in Wanderlust captured my attention. The Danube, the Nile, the Ganges—each have a unique story to tell. The dream that I’ve held for a long time is rafting the Colorado River. I’ve watched the rafts put in at Lees Ferry and heard the tales of how the voyage is both exhilaration and solitude in every changing moment.”

-Donna Galassi, Associate Publisher

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