Moon Travel Guides Looks Back on 2019

Here at Moon, we’re always looking forward to the next trip, whether we’re hopping a plane across the ocean, or setting up camp at our closest national park. So as we start daydreaming about 2020, we thought we’d take a moment to look back on our 2019 travel memories—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here’s what went down this year:

Lisbon, Portugal Skyline
Lisbon, Portugal. Photo © Sean Pavone / iStock

Portugal was one of the most vibrant countries I’ve visited. The street art and tilework in Lisbon is gorgeous, beautiful hibiscus and bougainvillea plants blossom on every corner, and the food and wine beg you to stay just a little bit longer. I dream of returning and wandering the cobbled streets, devouring as many pastel de nata pastries as I can hold, and gazing out over the sparkling sea between the red tile roofs.”

Ravina Schneider, Production Designer

“I visited beautiful Mossbrae Falls in Dunsmuir, CA last summer! It was over 90° in town but a cool 70° by the falls.”

Scott Kimball, Production Coordinator

“This year had a few more travel hiccups than normal—the biggest one was getting stood up by Megabus at 11 o’clock at night on my way back to San Francisco. I was able to book a flight for the morning (so much for reducing my carbon footprint), but I had to while away a few hours around the Anaheim bus station (at least it was a warm August night) until 4am when I could start on an epic three-hour, three-bus journey to Long Beach Airport. I should not have trusted Google maps on where to get off the bus – I found myself staring at the runways, the terminal lights flickering in the distance, with no sidewalks and a car-only tunnel between me and where I needed to go. I broke down and called a cab to make it the final stretch to the actual terminal.

The runner up would be when a swarm of winged ants spontaneously generated inside our Maui condo rental in September, but that was more like being in a magical realist novel, and I took it as a good omen.”

Grace Fujimoto, VP, Acquisitions

People enjoying sunny weather on the street, sitting at riverside in Berlin, Kreuzberg during spring
Sunny spring weather in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Photo © hanohiki / iStock

“This year my travels were mainly in Europe, including two road trips through Normandy and Scotland, and the highlight was definitely Berlin. My last visit was shortly after the Wall came down, and the city today is unrecognizable, and exhilarating. Swarms of bicycles and baby strollers by day, superior jazz and classical music by night, and two of the most walkable neighborhoods (Prenzlauer and Kreuzberg) on the planet. I won’t wait another quarter-century to return.”

Bill Newlin, VP, Publisher

“Waking up to the early morning Ezan (call to prayer) in Istanbul was absolutely magical.”

Lucie Ericksen, Senior Production Designer

“I took a family trip to Bend, Oregon. It’s been our secret getaway for years, but now the secret’s out. We took an easy day hike to Tumalo Falls and visited the High Desert Museum (my nephews loved the otters, raptors, and snakes!). I was happy to discover a great coffee place downtown called Thump.”

Kevin McLain, VP, Editorial

Beautiful sunrise at Little Venice on Mykonos island, Greece
Mykonos island, Cyclades, Greece. Photo © MartinM303 / iStock

“Greece (Athens and Islands): There is a reason mythology in Greece is complicated and magical. I had astounding adventures and wonderfully complex conversations in my month long journey. I want to go back. The people are just as warm as the weather.

India: Overwhelming in the best way possible. Look into a local guide for a day then enjoy the riot of colors, the food and warmth of all the people you meet for the rest of your trip.

Montana: I had an adventure there. The hiking was wonderful.”

Kat Bennett, Senior Cartographer

“I will never forget the astonishing blue waters and liquid air of the Cyclades.”

Madhu Prasher, Senior Editor

Psst: Keep an eye out for Moon Greek Islands and Athens, hitting a shelf near you in April 2020!

“This year, my boyfriend and I went to Salt Lake City for a long weekend. Moon has a Salt Lake City and Park City guide in the early development stages, so I was able to take a peek at some of the chapters. What I found was very exciting: Park City is home to High West, a whiskey distillery that my boyfriend loves. I surprised him with a tour of the distillery and a whiskey tasting. It was such a fun day, and something we never would have known about otherwise!”

Leah Gordon, Senior Editor

“My favorite travel memories this year came during my family’s first trip to Kauai. I watched my daughter’s confidence grow as she and my husband completed a 5-hour kayak & hike trek on the Wailua River to hidden Uluwehi Falls. I also challenged my own courage on a Zipline tour through the movie-scenic landscape of Kipu Ranch! We fell in love with Kauai and can’t wait to go back!”

Jaime Andrade, Editor

Berkshires aerial shot
Editor Sierra explored the Berkshires from a hot air balloon! Photo by Sierra Machado.

“This year I explored some beautiful places from the air! My first helicopter ride in Kauai, and my first hot air balloon ride over the magnificent fall foliage of the Berkshires in Massachusetts.”

Sierra Machado, Editor