13 Books to Inspire Your Civil Rights Trail Road Trip

Edmund Pettus Bridge Selma
The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma is an enduring symbol of the civil rights movement.

A Civil Rights Trail road trip belongs on everyone’s list. Not only does it take you on a journey to all the monuments, museums, and unforgettable moments of the movement, but it offers a vivid glimpse into the story of Black Americans’ fight for freedom and equality. It gives you the opportunity to walk in Dr. King’s footsteps, take a seat at a lunch counter where historic sit-ins took place, and ride in the spirit of the Freedom Riders. Plus, you get to support local Black businesses, restaurants, and organizations at every turn.

Whether you plan to hit the Civil Rights Trail later this year or are still in the daydreaming phase, here are a few of our recommended reads to inspire your trip—or to pack in your suitcase and read along the way.

Start with the one-of-a-kind guide to the trail:

Add a few books to your reading list:









Get the whole family involved: