12 Gifts for History Buffs

From books and card games to framed maps, you’re sure to find a gift for the history lover in your life on this list.

1. A Good Book

Give them a book that will quench their thirst for knowledge.

More ideas:

Travel Guide: Moon Route 66 Road Trip or Moon Nashville to New Orleans Road Trip

Nonfiction:  What Would Frida Do?, The Indomitable Florence Finch, Across that Bridge, or Vanguard

Historical Fiction: The Paris Seamstress, The Women in Red, or Pachinko

2. A Mug

Henry VIII heat-changing mug

History comes to life with this remarkable Disappearing Wives of Henry VIII Mug, featuring images of King Henry and all six of his wives that change when you pour in any hot beverage.

3. Cozy Socks

Socks that feature an image of Martin Luther King Jr.

These Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. socks make an excellent gift and will keep your friend cozy throughout the winter.

4. A Board Game

photo of chronology card game with cards

In Chronology, players place historical events in chronological order. What came first, the invention of mayonnaise or decaffeinated coffee? Compete with your friends to find out who the real history buff is.

5. A Puzzle

a photo of a puzzle featuring women throughout history

Puzzles are great activity for the whole family! The Herstory Museum 1000-Piece Foil Puzzle features famous women throughout history. Can you recognize who they are?

6. A Rosetta Stone USB

Now you can fit the Rosetta Stone in your pocket—in a USB form, of course! This USB would make is the perfect gift for any history buff.

7. A Declaration of Independence Print

a person holding a declaration of independence print

This Boston edition of the Declaration of Independence is printed by hand on a historic press, and can fit right in their office.

8. A LEGO® Architecture Kit

a photo of the LEGO Statue of Liberty Design

The LEGO® Architecture of the Statue of Liberty is made up of 1,685 LEGO® pieces that will provide hours of fun and make for a wonderful desk display item.

9. A Feather Quill Dip Pen

a photo of the quill fountain pen with a historical background

The Pewter Writing Set is described as an Old World Charm meets Elegance, and it’s packaged in a beautiful design.

10. Hamilton: The Revolution

For the friend who can’t stop singing Hamilton songs, Hamilton: The Revolution includes the award-winning libretto, behind-the-scenes photos and interviews, and exclusive footnotes from composer-lyricist-star Lin-Manuel Miranda. The audiobook CD is also available.

11. A Historical Newspaper

photos of historical papers in history

At Historic Newspapers, you can order an original newspaper from over 200,000 titles available that span from 1900 to yesterday.

12. A Framed Map

a photo of a framed san francisco map

This framed San Francisco map is made from High Density EVA foam and is precision cut using laser cutting technology. Choose from a variety of maps including New York City, London, and many more.

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