Maui, Hawaii travel maps by region

These free, printable travel maps of Maui are divided into seven regions:

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Travel Maps of Maui

Color Map of Maui, Hawaii
Map of Maui Ocean Conditions
Maui Ocean Conditions
Map of the Hawaiian Archipelago
Hawaiian Archipelago
Map of the Polynesian Triangle
Polynesian Triangle

West Maui

West Maui pulses with a unique coastal vibe. The historic town of Lahaina was once the capital of the Hawaiian kingdom, and it retains a port town atmosphere. Warm weather and mostly dry conditions make this region a spectacular place for outdoor adventure.

Map of West Maui, Hawaii
West Maui
Map of Downtown Lahaina, Hawaii
Downtown Lahaina
Map of Ka‘anapali, Hawaii
Map of Honokowai to Kapalua
Honokowai to Kapalua

Central Maui

Central Maui is the island’s population center and the seat of county government. Most visitors blow through town en route to their beachfront resort, but Central Maui has its own set of sights off the regularly worn trail.

Map of Central Maui, Hawaii
Central Maui
Map of Kahului, Hawaii
Map of Wailuku, Hawaii
Map of Honolua to Wailuku, Hawaii
Honolua to Wailuku

South Maui

From the celebrity-laden resorts of Wailea to the condo-dwelling snowbirds of Kihei, South Maui is all about worshipping the sun and enjoying the procession of beaches.

Map of South Maui, Hawaii
South Maui
Map of Ma‘alaea Harbor, Hawaii
Ma‘alaea Harbor
Map of Kihei, Hawaii
Map of Wailea, Hawaii
Map of Makena, Hawaii

Upcountry Maui

Rural, laid-back, and refreshingly cool, Upcountry is Maui’s most underrated zone. In Upcountry, you can watch the dramatic sunrise from the frosty peak of towering Haleakala, the sacred volcano from which the demigod Maui famously snared the sun.

Map of Upcountry Maui, Hawaii
Upcountry Maui
Map of Makawao, Hawaii
Map of Kula, Hawaii

Map of Haleakala National Park, Hawaii
Haleakala National Park

East Maui: the Road to Hana

Along the famous, twisting Road to Hana, tumbling waterfalls and rugged hiking trails await.

Map of East Maui, Hawaii
East Maui
Map of Pa‘ia, Hawaii
Map of the Road to Hana, Hawaii
Road to Hana
Map of Hana and Environs, Hawaii
Hana and Environs
Map of Hana, Hawaii
Map of Beyond Hana, Hawaii
Beyond Hana


Home to 3,300 residents and two large resorts, this island is a playground of outdoor adventure.

Map of Lana‘i, Hawaii
Map of Lana‘i City, Hawaii
Lana‘i City


Taking time to explore this island offers a chance to experience the roots of native Hawaiian culture.

Map of Moloka‘i, Hawaii
Map of Kaunakakai, Hawaii
Map of Moloka‘i Land Ownership, Hawaii
Moloka‘i Land Ownership