Grant Sinclair

About the Author

Grant and Bonnie Sinclair are a couple of 40-something teachers with a passion for travel. It doesn’t matter what kind: plane, train, boat or their trusty truck and camper.
Travel has been a huge component of their relationship from early on. Their first trip together was to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, but it was their summer road trip to Yellowstone National Park that really cemented the relationship. There is just something about spending 100 hours in the car with someone, sleeping in a tent along the way, that truly tests compatibility. And now, many years later, they have visited all 50 states, more than 20 countries and more than 275 national park sites.
In 2016, they purchased a travel trailer and started blogging, focusing on RV travel and visiting the national parks, and have written over 250 articles on various aspects of travel. All told, they have put about 40,000 miles on their camper and spent countless nights on the road.

By the Author