Coronavirus Dispatch: How Moon Is Staying Busy

Here at Moon, we value travel—both near and far—above a lot of things. But we also value traveling ethically. The unfortunate truth is that right now, travel is not the ethical thing to do. With the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe, it’s become increasingly clear that our responsibility as travelers is to stay put for a little bit. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop dreaming, planning, and getting ready for our next trip, and neither should you.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share how some of us are staying busy. From reminiscing and planning, to reading, cooking, creating, and calling our loved ones, here’s what’s getting us through this strange time.

“Even though I can’t travel right now, I still like to think about places I’ll get to see and explore someday. My travel daydreaming takes the form of cooking. I love experimenting with new ingredients and getting acquainted with different cuisines from around the world. Cozy soups have taken over at my house. I’m tackling Pho next—and I hope to be enjoying a steaming bowl while picturing myself in a Hanoi café, watching the world go by.”
– Kimberly Ehart, Editor

“My wall calendar this year is made up of my old travel photos. This month features Seattle’s Public Market, reminding me of a trip that my friends and I took back in March 2009. My thoughts go to the people of Seattle, who are also at one of the epicenters of this outbreak. I am hoping to go back as soon as we are again able to move freely without putting anyone at risk of the virus. Seattle would be the jumping off point for a grand tour of Washington’s national parks and monuments: North Cascades National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, and Olympic National Park. Thinking about this epic trip keeps me up at night – in a good way!”
– Grace Fujimoto, VP, Acquisitions

Seattle Public Market
Photo by Grace Fujimoto.

“Now that I have more time at home, I’ve been working hard to master baking French macarons. They always remind me of munching dessert on the edge of the Fontaine du Trocadéro in Paris with my best friend. We spent the night watching the light show on the Eiffel Tower, taking in the beauty of the city, and talking about life. For me, those simple moments of joy and connection perfectly embody traveling’s ability to make you feel present, grounded and grateful. I’m dreaming of the day when we can go back and do it all again.”
– Ryan Harding, Marketing Assistant

“I’m definitely dreaming of traveling, though it’s hard to reconcile this new at-home landscape with my dreams. I dream of being able to embrace my friends and family again. To walk through the redwoods arm-in-arm, to picnic on the grass, and to pack the car as full as it can go for a weekend road trip.”
– Ravina Schneider, Production Designer

“During this strange time, yoga and daily walks have been a big help, mentally and physically. I’m looking forward to getting to spend more time outside when this is all over—preferably beyond my neighborhood—so national parks have risen to the top of my bucket list. I really want to explore the parks in southern Utah: Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. But for now, I’m staying optimistic that state and regional parks will keep their trails open, so we can still get some quality time in the great outdoors without having to travel.”
– Claire Coburn, Associate Marketing Manager

“I’m still daydreaming about the hikes I took on my trip to Sedona, Arizona in February. So thankful that even with our work from home and social distancing orders, we can still spend plenty of time outside.”
– Sierra Machado, Editor

Photo by Sierra Machado.

“Sometimes it takes me years to make it to a destination. Twice I canceled air tickets to Portugal due to illness, the third time was the charm in 2012. My goal after college was to travel overland to India, but the Iran hostage crisis intervened, and I wound up spending six months in China instead (long story).

Recently my white whale has been to see Machu Picchu with my 22-year-old daughter Nicole (ten years ago we had a memorable time in Tikal). We first aimed for summer 2019, but were too late to reserve passes for the Inca Trail, so we reset our sights on summer 2020. This time we have our Inca Trail passes, but between Covid-19 uncertainty and Nicole’s discombobulated college course schedule, we think it’s probably a long shot.

But that’s OK, we’ll get there soon enough, we might even sneak in a quick trip to another ancient city (Palenque?) if opportunity knocks. And when we do finally make it to Machu Picchu, it will have been worth the wait.”
– Bill Newlin, VP, Publisher

“Cancelled plans in the immediate have me dreaming up trip ideas for further out, when we can leave our homes again! I’m missing the energy of being in a happy crowd, which is making me think about traveling to Southern Spain, roaming from tapas bar to tapas bar through windy streets until the wee hours of the morning.”
– Megan, Acquisitions Editor

“A late-spring trip I’d booked to Malta is now looking farfetched, as is a plan B plan for a Southwest U.S. road trip, but I’m keeping both on my future-travels list. During this time of sheltering in place, I’m focusing on micro-travel: seeking out more secluded streets and parks to wander in my neighborhood in San Francisco as well as under-the-radar trails in nearby green spaces so I can still get outside while maintaining social distance. I’ve also started (finally!) reading Anna Karenina and have kicked my previously once-weekly meditation practice up to daily.”
– Kristi Mitsuda, Editor

“While my trip to New Orleans next year feels far away (especially during this time of uncertainty), I’m finding ways to keep my excitement and sense of adventure alive. I’ve started practicing French and am attempting to master my grandma’s gumbo recipe. I watch movies and TV shows set in Louisiana and am readings books on jazz. Staying engaged with my trip keeps my spirits up, brings some adventure into my self-isolation, and challenges me to learn new things.”
– Rachael Sablik, Associate Editor

Whether you plan to pack the car for an epic road trip or pack your bags for the other side of the world, Moon Travel Guides are here for you. We’ll see you there when it’s safe to travel. 🌍