A Gift Guide from Elin Hilderbrand


Elin Hilderbrand Gift Guide


Elin Hilderbrand can transport you to beaches from Nantucket to the Caribbean. But we know that this time of year you might have to put her book down and do some holiday shopping. Elin can help with that too! Here are some of her favorite items to gift during the holidays:


NEST Holiday Candle (link)

NEST “Holiday” candle — there are a lot of good balsam fir candles out there, but this one is the BEST.  Best best best.  I buy a new one every holiday season.



Food52 GreenPan Frying Pans (link)

My green frying pans from Food52.  I had my kitchen renovated this spring, finished July 1 and the first thing I bought were the green pans from the amazing kitchen website Food52.  This website is a top five destination for me.  They have the BEST kitchen products, such as these white-bottom, non-stick, beautiful frying pans in four sizes — but also the best kitchen flour-sack towels and collection of wooden spoons.  I also bought a bamboo colander and a set of nesting stoneware bowls.  And a Greek peppermill.  And the greatest multi-colored tumblers…



Mystique Sandals (link)

You’ve seen them on my Instagram…I started wearing these sandals in 2010 or 2011 because there was one store on Nantucket that sold them.  Now, I order them straight from Mystique and I have nearly thirty pairs.  Because I’m usually either on the cobblestone streets of Nantucket or the steep hills of St. John, I need comfy shoes and these have added bling.  Compliments galore!

Around $200