Where Our Editors Are Traveling in 2019

Need some travel inspiration for 2019? Ask the experts. For the first time, our Moon editorial team is sharing their wanderlust-worthy travel goals for the year. Feel free to steal their ideas:

Sao Miguel, Azores © font83 / iStock

“I have always wanted to go to the Azores to explore my roots. My family immigrated from the islands in the 1920s. Now it’s an up-and-coming destination — I better go soon to beat the tourist rush!”

Sierra Machado, Editor

“I’ve added the Azores to my list. The islands have a dramatic volcanic landscape that looks impossibly green – the moment I first saw a picture, I knew I wanted to see it in person. There’s plenty to do, like hiking, whale-watching, and soaking in hot springs. And there are direct flights from the United States, so I’m hoping to get there sooner rather than later!”

Kathryn Ettinger, Senior Editor

“I’m planning to go to Kauai this spring. The last time I visited Hawaii was in my teenage years, so I’m looking forward to exploring as an adult. We’re hoping to book a backcountry river tubing tour through the old Lihue Plantation! For my inner child, I’m also planning a Disneyland trip with my family. The long-awaited Star Wars themed land is slated to open this summer, but we’ll wait a bit until the crowds die down before venturing into that galaxy!”

Jamie A., Editor

Monument Valley
Monument Valley, Arizona © Bill Vorasate / iStock

“Usually, the national parks are my travel go-to’s. However, with the federal government shut down, I’ve had to re-think those destinations. Now at the top of my list is Utah’s Monument Valley, where admission costs directly benefit tribal lands.”

Sabrina Young, Senior Editor

Oaxaca has been on my wish list for a long time now. Maybe I’ll make it down there for Dia de los Muertos. I’m excited about the art, the music… and especially the food! In the meantime, I’ve planned a long weekend in Santa Fe, which is one of my favorite getaways and also has great food (I’m starting to see a pattern here).”

Kevin McLain, Editorial Director

“In the past couple of years, I’ve traveled to Morocco and Sri Lanka, both exciting up-and-coming destinations with delicious food and diverse appeal. This year I’m planning on road-tripping in Baja Mexico. The peninsula’s border towns, wild beauty, and sense of remoteness are what intrigue me most. I’ll also spend a weekend camping in the Channel Islands in my ongoing quest to visit every U.S. national park.”

Kristi Mitsuda, Editor

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece. © Olga Gavrilova / iStock.

“I am eager to be in Greece this May: to be in awe at the soaring Acropolis and to be transformed by the wish-fulfilling seas of the Cyclades.”

MP, Senior Editor

“I just got back from a bucket-list trip to Fiji. It’s not a big destination for Americans, but it’s a surprisingly easy plane ride from the West Coast (only 11 hours). I recommend breaking away from the resort-filled Denarau Island and heading down to the Coral Coast. My boyfriend and I stayed at a low-key resort in a cottage that was literally on the beach, five minutes away from a marine sanctuary where we did some incredible snorkeling. We are now planning a trip to Barcelona, where we want to spend a few days at one of the cava vineyards that aren’t too far from the city. Following that, we’ll take the train along the Costa Brava and into southern France. I’m especially excited to spend a few days in Marseille, then go kayaking among the limestone fjords in nearby Calanques National Park!”

Leah Gordon, Senior Editor

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