14 Games That Take You Around the Globe

Here’s a list of our favorite travel games, so your imagination can wander the world—from home!

Travel games
Globe-trot from home with these games. Photo © Mitch Hutchinson, Dreamstime

Itchy Feet (2-6 players)

Available at Hallmark
Race to collect items and passports and be the first to reach destinations around the world, like Iceland and Morocco. Be prepared for some card stealing along the way!

Discover: Lands Unknown (1-4 players)

Available at Fantasy Flight Games
Adventure seekers can satisfy their itch for the outdoors with this epic survival game. Hike through and discover the unique mix of environments, characters, and storylines to find your way out of the wilderness!

Map concept illustration. ©Nextmars, Dreamstime.

Santorini (2-4 players)

Available at Amazon
A perfect alternative for chess and strategy game lovers. Play as a Greek god or goddess as you compete to build your own version of Santorini. But keep a look out, your opponents are plotting against you!

Exit: The Game – The Pharaoh’s Tomb (1-6 players)

Available at Amazon
Take part in this puzzling escape room game from the comfort of your home. Transport yourself to Egypt as you solve riddles to escape the ancient tomb!

Tokaido (2-5 players)

Available at Amazon
Embark on a quest to be named the most experienced traveler along Japan’s East Sea Road. This game features gorgeous artwork, elegant design, and is played at a calm pace for gamers of all levels to enjoy.

Trekking the National Parks (2-6 players)

Available at Amazon
Enjoy the beauty of the national parks with this board game, which provides an educational yet fun way to engage junior travelers on the historic parks across the country.

American Road Trip Trivia (unlimited players)

Available at Paper Source
Keep your street smarts sharp while on the road with this trivia game and quiz your friends!

Ticket to Ride: France (2-6 players)

Available at Amazon
Take on the challenge of being the most traveled in France by completing the routes on your destination tickets. There are also Ticket to Ride games for the US and Asia, too!

Beautiful view of a red train going to Montenvers Mer de Glace station on a summer day. Mont Blanc Massif, Chamonix, France. ©ZdenÄ›k Matyáš, Dreamstime.

Scarabya (1-4 players)

Available at Blue Orange Games
Compete against your fellow archaeologists to find the most scarab relics in this fun strategy game. Travel to the Egyptian desert, the Amazonian rainforest, the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, and freezing Antarctica for epic excavations!

Cartagena (2-5 players)

Available at Amazon
Travel to the colorful Caribbean coast of Colombia with this family-friendly game full of nonstop fun! Play as pirates moving across the board and be the first to get your crew to victory.

Reef (2-4 players)

Available at Amazon
Daydream your way onto a tropical island like Maui when you play this abstract strategy game. Each player acts as a reef, with their goal being to grow and develop for more points.

Lost Cities (2-4 players)

Available at Amazon
Wanderlusting for destinations like Machu Picchu? Satisfy yourself with Lost Cities, a fast-paced game with an emphasis on themes of expedition and adventure.

The Voyages of Marco Polo (2-4 players)

Available at Amazon
Journey through time and space to find yourself alongside the original travel influencer–Marco Polo! Explore destinations like Jerusalem, Mesopotamia, and even the famous Silk Road in this game of strategy.

The Grand Canyon, at the south rim with the Milky Way. ©Tony Bosse, Dreamstime.

Space Park (1-4 player)

Available at Keymaster Games
Blast off into space to explore extraordinary destinations across galaxies in this unique travel-themed tabletop adventure. Earn badges to prove yourself a worthy space cadet!

Online Board Games

For those of you looking to join in the board game fun without a physical product, check out one of these online board gaming hosts! Invite friends and family to join in on a game online or connect with other gamers around the world. Check out Board Game Arena and TableTopia.

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