These free, printable travel maps of Georgia are divided into seven regions:

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Travel Maps of Georgia

Map of Georgia


There’s always something to do in one of America’s most dynamic and progressive cities, a burgeoning multi-ethnic melting pot that also has a friendly flavor of the old South just beneath the surface.

Map of Atlanta
Map of Downtown Atlanta
Downtown Atlanta
Map of Greater Atlanta
Greater Atlanta


Georgia’s grand old city isn’t just full of history, though that’s certainly very much worth exploring. It has found new life as an arts and culture mecca and world-class destination, with as many or more things to do on any given day than cities two or three times its size.

Map of Savannah
Map of Downtown Savannah Sights
Downtown Savannah Sights
Map of Tybee Island
Tybee Island
Map of Downtown Savannah Accomodations
Downtown Savannah Accomodations
Map of Downtown Savannah Food and Entertainment
Downtown Savannah Food and Entertainment

North Georgia

The Blue Ridge Mountains are the backdrop for this inspiring, scenic area full of waterfalls, state parks, and outdoor adventures for the whole family.

Map of North Georgia
North Georgia
Travel map of Rabun County.
Rabun County
Map of Appalachian Trail Through Georgia
Appalachian Trail Through Georgia


Green, rolling countryside and classic antebellum architecture are the calling cards here, where old meets new on a daily basis in what was once a center of Georgia’s old Confederate power structure.

Travel map of Piedmont, Georgia
Map of Athens
Map of University of Georgia
University of Georgia
Map of Augusta

Middle Georgia

From Macon to Columbus, the rhythmic heart of Georgia is the soulful cradle of the state’s incredibly rich musical tradition… and where its best barbecue is located!

Map of Middle Georgia
Middle Georgia
Map of Macon
Map of Downtown Macon
Downtown Macon
Map of Columbus

South Georgia

The state’s agricultural cornucopia and home of former President Jimmy Carter offers quite a few surprises among the peanuts and pecans, including the mighty, mysterious Okefenokee Swamp.

Map of South Georgia
South Georgia
Map of Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

The Golden Isles

History and salt-kissed air meet in the marshes of Georgia’s chains of relatively undeveloped barrier islands. The feeling is timeless and tranquil. The Golden Isles comprise one of America’s hidden vacation gems, and one of the most unique ecosystems in North America.

Map of Golden Isles
Golden Isles
Map of Jekyll Island
Jekyll Island
Map of Sapelo Island
Sapelo Island
Map of Cumberland Island
Cumberland Island
Map of Brunswick and Glynn County
Brunswick and Glynn County