Enjoy a Foodie Weekend in Nashville

Nashville’s kitchens are making one “best of” list after another. To that end, this suggested itinerary for a weekend in Nashville is a foodie’s fantasy adventure.

coffee shop with industrial architecture features in Nashville
Stop for coffee at Barista Parlor. Photo © Margaret Littman.



Start with a well-edited and well-presented continental breakfast at Barista Parlor. The coffee is a work of art, but you’ll also want a light meal considering the eating you’ve got planned for the rest of the day.


Feast on smartly designed cocktails and plates of oysters at The Southern Steak and Oyster, which is conveniently located for a rest after touring the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

A midafternoon snack should involve some of Nashville’s signature hot chicken, served on white bread, either from Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish or Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack.


Do whatever it takes (which means making a reservation online 30 days in advance) to nab one of the coveted 32 seats at acclaimed The Catbird Seat. Your three-hour meal is a culinary performance as much as dinner. The evening includes drink pairings and dessert. Enjoy the experience.

platter of oysters with a bottle of hot sauce and a bloody mary
Indulge with a cocktail and fresh oysters at The Southern Steak and Oyster. Photo © Emily Dorio, courtesy of The Southern Steak and Oyster.



East Nashville’s Sky Blue Cafe is known and beloved for its brisket bowl, a breakfast treat said to calm even the worst hangover.


The city’s movers and shakers dine at Swett’s, an old-school cafeteria with tasty soul food. The gossip dished up here is as good as the food on the plate. Stop to fuel up after visiting the nearby Parthenon in Centennial Park.

Afterward, grab a palate-cleansing frozen treat at Las Paletas, where you can stroll the boutiques (and people-watch) in the vibrant 12 South neighborhood before moving on to the next meal of the day.


Southern ingredients served in decidedly un-Southern ways are on the menu at Husk Nashville. Afterward, walk down from the leafy street to catch live music at nearby 3rd and Lindsley.

Didn’t save room for dessert? No worries. Call Jake’s Bakes and have some warm cookies delivered to your hotel room later.

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